Pink & Blue Australian Shepherd Keychain


Keychains are great fun to collect and display! Show your dog lover pride with our selection of original graphics featuring your favorite breed or dog sport.

These keychains are heavy and durable, able to stand up to the test of being pulled in and out of a pocket constantly.

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Tastefully designed Australian Shepherd keychain has a blue background with a slightly darker paw print, and a pink silhouette of the dog breed in front. Underneath is the dog breed name in chocolate brown. Cute and high quality breed specific keychain for Aussie lovers!

Durable dog lover keychain is the perfect trinket to express love for canines! Produced by the bright and vivid colors of dye sublimation. Check our store for more breeds and dog sports.

Round Keychain dimensions:1.4" x 1.75"
Heart Keychain dimensions: 1.3" x 2.25"

Zinc alloy, silver colored


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