Custom Logos

Yes, we do custom embroidery work!

All files must be digitized to an embroidery format – this is a complicated process that involves programming what stitches go where, and in what style and direction. Unless you’ve had your logo specifically digitized for embroidery before, you likely just have a *.jpg or *.png file, which must be digitized.

$5 per 1000 stitches

A typical pocket design averages anywhere from 5k to 12k stitches, depending on how complex and large the design is. We have designed logos as high as 20k!

The digitized logo file is yours. We can also stitch the new logo onto apparel and more for you! The digitization fee will be reduced based upon the number of items being stitched out the first time.

Past clients include:

If your company or rescue organization is interested in turning your logo into embroidery, please contact Inky Dinky Dax Designs, LLC.