If you're tired of those preppy, boring stick figure family decals with all the perfect little children and extremely happy and successful adults, then look at this set. Dubbed the “Redneck Stick Family Decals,” there are six different figures.

The man/husband/father has a pot belly, no hair on top, wearing a wife beater with hair poking out.

The woman/wife/mother is barefoot, pregnant, and smoking a cigarette.

The boy/son/brother is wearing overalls and sporting a most attractive mullet.

The girl/daughter/sister is wearing butt cutt shorts with a tight, tiny top and pony tails.

The dog has crazy eyes and is wearing a bandana, along with buck teeth.

The cat is so fat it can't even stand up, in addition to appearing to be fairly inbred.

Sound familiar? Just wanting a change? Try our redneck stick figure vinyl stickers! Starting at $2.

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