Custom Harness Label


Harness labels are great for expressing yourself and your dog too! Create a variety so you can mix and match for every event.

View our available print colors here.

Polyester hook fabric.



Harness labels are all the rage in dog sports! Each “harness patch” can be customized with the dog’s name,  a short phrase, or cute icons to match your dog’s personality. Choose from a large variety of colors to create your very own personalized label. Label consists of a strip of hook fabric with your text imprinted on the surface.

Please enter the text you would like in the “personalization box” above the “add to cart” button. The more text you add, the smaller it will appear. If you would like any small icons, please request them in that box as well. If the print will be too much for the label, we will contact you for an alternative.

To include in the personalization box:
1. The text you would like
2. Any little icons
3. The MAXIMUM width of the harness label

Failure to include all three of these items could result in the delay of your harness label. Please allow 3-5 days for your label(s) to be made before shipping. We regret we have no idea of the sizing for any harness – please measure the available “loop” strip on your harness carefully.


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