Heat Transfer

Our heat transfers are created using a heat press and a special vinyl called heat press vinyl. This material melts into the threads of your apparel to create a stylish and durable design when pressed with a very hot iron-type machine called a heat press. You probably own such a shirt already and didn’t even know it!

Currently available colors: Please note that colors may appear slightly different on your monitor than they do in real life, due to differences in monitors and their settings.



Gold (Metallic Foil)

Gold Glitter



Old Blue Glitter


Pink Glitter


Silver (Metallic Foil)

Silver Glitter

White Glitter


We also always carry white, black, white flock, and black flock. Flock is a textured material, feeling similar to a short velvet.

Garment care: Wash warm, inside out, tumble dry on low.