Applying Decals

1. Clean and dry the area where the decal will be applied.

2. Remove the transfer (clear layer) from the paper backing.

3. Line up the decal over its final spot.

4. Stick decal onto surface, and smooth.

5. Peel off clear transfer tape.

6. Enjoy the awesomeness!


– Apply on a dry, mild day. High humidity, excessive cold, or rain will not result in a good stick.

– If the vinyl sticks to the backing instead of the transfer tape, stick the tape back down onto the backing and rub the vinyl with your finger, then lift the transfer again.

– Remove the transfer from the backing SLOWLY.

– Use a quarter or other hard surface to thoroughly rub the vinyl decal onto the surface and ensure the best contact.

– Do not wash surface for several days after application.

– Do not aim a power washer directly at decal at point blank range. Decal will hold up under normal washing conditions.


1. Do these decals go on the inside of the car, or the outside?

They go on the outside. We are happy to mirror cut a decal for you if you’d prefer it on the inside. However, if you only want it on the inside because you feel someone might try to “steal” a decal, these vinyl stickers hold up under a pressure washer. If you do manage to remove one, it is not reuseable.

2. Can these decals be removed and reapplied?

Removed, yes. With time, patience, a razor and a heat gun. Reapplied? No, it will be a mangled mess after removal. It is much easier to remove the decals from the windows than the body of a car.

3. How long can I expect a decal to last?

That’s dependent on WHERE you put it, WHAT vinyl it is, and WHAT is happening to it. A decal placed under a rear windshield wiper and is continually ice scraped probably won’t make it a year – we’d call that “excessive wear.” A decal placed on a window away from any wipers and not picked at will last for years. Our decals are safe to go through car washes and power washes, though we don’t recommend holding a pressure washer very close to your decal. Our glitter decals, while quite pretty, do not have the durability of the plain vinyl colors and will not last as long.