Custom Orders
General Embroidery Questions
Personalization Questions


1. How do I order from your website?
Click on the product you wish to purchase and click “Add to Cart.” Products are arranged by breed and/or by dog sport.

2. What is the sizing on your apparel?
All of our apparel are unisex unless otherwise noted, and garment sizes run true unless marked otherwise. If you normally wear an XL, order an XL. There is a link on every apparel item to a sizing chart if you are unsure. Please read the sizing information thoroughly – all sales are final. You may contact us for sizing questions.

3. Where is your wholesale pricing?
We do not offer wholesale prices, our products are already priced very low. Each item is made to order, one at a time. Rescues may be entitled to a quantity discount on 20+ items of the same design. Please contact us for further information.

4. Why is there a minimum order amount?
We currently have a required minimum order of $10 to place an online order. Previously, a high volume of extremely low cost orders were causing us to lose money. Rather than raise all prices to compensate for the loss, a minimum order was instated instead. Items are shipped by weight, so multiple decals can be sent without an increase in postal price.

5. Can I buy your embroidery design/decal file?
We do not resale our designs for any purpose. This includes vectors, embroidery files, and other graphic formats. Please report any potential unauthorized usage so we can continue making fun designs to sell!


1. What shipping methods are available?
We ship using USPS First class and/or Priority mail, which includes delivery confirmation as well as tracking. Priority shipping includes $50 of free postal insurance. Orders over $99 in the United States can select FREE shipping, otherwise we offer a flat-rate $8 shipping option if the calculated rates seem unreasonable.

2. How long does it take to ship?
Because all of our apparel and many of our decals are made-to-order, orders are generally shipped within 3 business days, but may take as long as 5 business days during busy periods. Items that might exceed this wait time are noted on their product page.

3. Why don’t you offer stamped envelope shipping?
Part of our business model is to provide you with customized embroidery and unique decals at a low price. By only shipping using trackable methods, we are able to make certain your items arrive, as well as automatically being insured for the first $50 in case of Priority mail. Stamped envelopes have a habit of becoming “lost” or accidentally thrown away.

4. Do you ship to Canada/Great Britain/Australia etc?
We do ship internationally! The buyer is responsible for all taxes and duties. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. We do not collect any VAT or duties or any other import fees for foreign governments. You must pay any and all fees associated with your order when you receive it.

5. What does shipping cost?
Shipping charges are actual charges based on weight as well as distance from Columbus, Ohio, USA. You can calculate shipping by going to “checkout” and entering your country and/or zip code. We offer first class as well as priority mail shipping. You can also select our $8 flat rate option, or we offer free shipping on orders over $75 (before tax/shipping) inside the US. Unfortunately, bulk and custom orders are not eligible for the free or $8 shipping due to the additional costs incurred.

We regret that we are not in charge of the USPS. Once a package has left our hands, it’s literally out of our hands. We are not responsible for damaged packages. USPS now offers $50 in free insurance with every package sent. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing additional insurance for your items.

Custom Orders

1. I want a different color/size from the product you have displayed.
Pick your size, color, and item and use the Contact Us form so we can embroider your product. Depending on whether your blank is in stock or not, we can usually have your order ready in 5 business days or less.

2. I have a great idea for an embroidery design, can you make it?
If you’re not looking for one of our offered designs in another dog breed, that falls under Custom Logo work. We can digitize most designs, our standard rate is $5 per 1,000 stitches. Digitization is a process that tells the embroidery machine which way to stitch, the direction of the stitches, the type of stitches, etc, and can be a lengthy and involved process.

3. I’d like to order a design on a tie-dye shirt.
We can stitch most of our designs onto tie-dye shirts, however, because of minimum order requirements from our supplier and limited stock on hand, if your blank is not in stock there may be slightly longer wait times before we can ship your order.

4. Can you embroider my jacket/vest/shirt if I provide it?
Most likely. There are some items that are unsuitable for embroidery. However, we do not guarantee the quality of embroidery on any product you provide. There are many, many variables in fabrics, and for that reason, we only use brands and materials we are familiar with. Provided items are at your own risk. There are absolutely no discounts or refunds for errors on customer supplied items.


All sales are final.  We will provide refunds for defective merchandise or if we sent the wrong item. Please be certain of color and sizing before ordering. If you have any questions please Contact Us and we will do our best to answer them.

We do not have a physical storefront, and it is extremely unlikely another customer is going to order the same size, color, dog breed, and design that you have picked. Our items are almost always made specifically for you when ordered, with very few exceptions (vending shirts, decals). Sizing information is available on all applicable product pages. Please contact us before ordering to avoid a situation where you might wish to return an item.

General Embroidery Questions

1. Do you sell your designs?
No, we do not. We sell our own designs and want to keep offering original designs to our customers.

2. Can I use your design for my rescue group/club/school project?
Unfortunately, no. In order to keep creating fun new designs, we do not allow them to be used by any other company or individual, as it makes it much easier to find and prosecute image thieves. All our designs are original and protected by Intellectual Property and Copyright laws. This is how we make our living and it keeps our prices low. We regularly search for anyone who has taken our designs for either personal or commercial use, and will pursue legal action. A simple rule for the internet – if you didn’t create it, seek permission before you use it. Much like you wouldn’t take things from a physical store, you don’t “borrow” art or images from their creators.

3. I have a loose thread. What do I do?
From time to time, a top thread may pop out. You can trim this thread so long as you aren’t cutting off any “knots.” A dab of Fray Check or any fabric glue on the thread will help ensure no more pops out.

Personalization Questions

Because the vast majority of our products are made when they are ordered, we are able to personalize items pretty easily. There have been some questions about just how products can be personalized, aside from choosing the style and color, and as we have grown, we have seen some more unique circumstances and questions about just what we can do. This is intended as an FAQ to help answer those inquiries.

How do I add my dog’s name to a design?

Most designs can have a simple dog’s name or title added for no fee. However, some of the designs take up the entire hoop that the shirt sits in, and as such we would have to switch to a larger hoop to stitch it out. There is a fee for switching to a larger hoop because it uses more materials. If adding a name isn’t possible, we will let you know before stitching your garment.

To add a dog’s name to a garment, write in the personalization box something to the effect of, “Please add my dog’s name, Gizmo, underneath the design.” Simply writing your dog’s name in the box is not sufficient and will delay processing of your order; we have no idea where you want the name stitched or even if you entered it by mistake.

What colors can I change in a design, and how do I communicate that to you?

Essentially, any color can be changed. There is currently a limit of 4 colors, in addition to standard black and white. The color changes are already figured into the cost of a design, so if, say, you wanted to add your dog’s name in pink under a design that already had 4 colors, we would bill you an additional fee for adding another color. At this time, that charge is $1 per additional color. If you wanted to add that same name and the design only had 3 colors, there would be no charge for the extra color.

Because of the nature of embroidery, like colors in a design are already grouped together – all the red stitches at the same time (generally), all the blue, etc. So if you want to change specific elements to different colors, it may not be possible. For example, a dog’s ears are pink, and a heart underneath is pink. You want the heart to be red but keep the dog’s ears pink. This involves going into the design and altering it, and as such would not be free. Changing both the dog’s ears and the heart would be fine.

To change colors, just leave a note in the personalization box on the design’s page. If there is no personalization box, it is because that design is not able to be personalized in that way. (ie Please change the text to yellow, please stitch out only in shades of gray, etc) Using the Facebook comment box will not communicate any changes to us.

Can I combine different designs?

This is a paid service we offer, because it involves going into multiple files and changing elements around. Not everything is able to be “combined,” particularly in the case where things overlap. This is a digitizing service that starts at $5, but the new file is kept so you do not have to pay the fee for that particular setup again. Please contact us for more information on this service.

Can I add my business name to one of your designs?

This is a new policy change for us. We are unable to add your kennel name or business name to our standard designs. This does not, of course, apply to our contracted customers or custom digitization service. Our “stock” embroidery designs that we have available are not meant to take the place of your business logo. We do not want to be confused with your business if the design is recognized as one of ours, nor do our customers want to wear a design that might be associated with a business they may or may not support. We do offer professional logo creation and digitization services, so if you need your logo translated into embroidery or even one made from scratch (print or embroidery), we will be happy to do so. It is to your advantage to have a unique design to represent your business, especially because you can use it on your business cards, flyers, etc. None of the designs available on our website may be used in this manner.